Understanding the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is the most widely-used drug in the world. According to the World Health Organization, more than three million people a year lose their lives due to their alcohol abuse. Learn how to help loved ones who might struggle with alcoholism so they never become part of this statistic.

Drunks may be represented as “funny” in movies and television shows, but just ask the family of an alcoholic. There is nothing funny about alcoholism.

Even when a person manages to function at work, it’s normally at home where things come unraveled. No one should have to struggle with addiction.

The Narconon program not only addresses the debilitating effects of alcoholism abuse on the mind and body, but also helps a person to resolve why they turned to alcohol as a solution in the first place. As a result, a person can graduate from the program into a new life free from the harmful effects of alcohol.

person drinking alcohol

When Drinking Becomes Alcoholism

Know where the line is drawn.

Helping an Alcoholic

Very specific advice for a person who is trying to help.

Effects of Alcohol

Most people know what a drunk person looks like but showing a young drinker the real effects of alcohol might help him learn to steer clear of this drug.

Damage to One’s Liver

Many drinkers know that their livers are damaged by drinking. Get the specifics so you can help an alcoholic quit.

Harm to Heart and Other Organs

The liver is not the only organ that takes a beating. Get the whole story.

Harm to Lungs and Brain

While most people don’t know it, even one’s lungs and brain are damaged by all that alcohol.

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